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Sterek AU: How to Get Away with Murder

Derek is a law student who is willing to do anything to impress his professor. Stiles is an IT guy who he seduces to gain access to some emails that are critical to their case. It’s only supposed to be a one time thing, but Derek finds himself being drawn back to Stiles. Repeatedly. It looks like Derek ‘I don’t do boyfriends’ Hale may have finally met his match. 

Sterek AU: Stiles has been having a recurring dream where there’s a wolf in the room with him while he sleeps. He knows it’s crazy, there aren’t even any wolves left in California, but he knows deep down in his bones that the wolf is real. Whenever he wakes up however there’s nothing there but his boyfriend Derek, reassuring him that it was all a dream. 

AU: Now that Derek can turn into a wolf, Stiles is taking every opportunity he can to make dog jokes

OK. Then I am Isaac Lahey and I live in 3B, wear way too many scarfs and am in no way affiliated with Stiles Stilinski. Whoever that is…

Sterek AU: Stiles finally scraped together enough money to get his own apartment and he’s really fucking proud of it, OK? He just wishes shit would stop breaking. He also wishes he hadn’t just bitched out his incredibly hot landlord, but that ship has sailed right along with Stiles dignity. 

Sterek AU: Derek still can’t quite believe that he gets to have this. Gets to have Stiles. At night when it’s quiet he watches him sleep, awed and terrified and happy beyond his wildest dreams.

Sterek AU: Derek gets a job as a mechanic and then very much regrets telling Stiles where he works. If he has to hear one more joke about rim jobs or lube, he’s going to throw a spanner at Stiles head. Or make out with him. It’s a toss up.

Sterek AU: This is the first time that Derek’s seen him since “The Night”. He smiles and waves like it’s not awkward. Like he doesn’t wish that Stiles had still been there when he’d woken up. Derek’s always been a good liar. 

Sterek AU: Now Derek thinks about it, his boss might have mentioned that his son was in a band. Whoops. 

Without my powers what good am I?

Welcome to Team Human, buddy. If you find an answer to that question, let me know.

What I hope will happen after this.

Sterek AU: Deputy Derek and the Sheriff have been working on a particularly hard case for a few months. This meant a lot of late nights working at the Sheriff’s house. Unfortunately for Derek this also meant a lot of time spent getting hit on by the Sheriff’s teenage son. Which was totally annoying and definitely not adorable, or flattering, or in any way tempting. Nope. Definitely not that.

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